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Interview: Negative
Negative: Gitarrist Larry LoveAnlässlich eines Gigs auf ihrer Tour in der Live Music Hall in Köln am 07.11.2006, nutzte unsere Carina erneut die Gelegenheit, diesmal mit Gitarrist Lauri Markkula aka Larry Love der finnischen Band Negative ein wenig zu reden. Dass dabei über Tattoos genauso wie über den finnischen Musikmarkt geplaudert wurde, versteht sich von selbst.

 U.C., 07.11.2006

Carina fragte...
 I will give you a few words in the next 2 minutes- and you should say and you should say the first thing that comes to your mind!

Larry: Ok, let's start.

School: boring.
Sports: boring. (laughing)
CDs: Crap, but itīs like they break too easily. Yeah, they always break too easily and yeah, one scratch and the CD is kind of gone. But Iīve lots of CDs.
Tourbus: good feeling, music, drinking, smoking.
Freedom: Itīs like , itīs a great thing for every person, I think. If you take someoneīs freedom away, itīs like the worst thing you can ever do.
Candles: my living room.
Summer: sunny and letīs say drinking beer outside, you know, in Finland thereīs a long winter and itīs always nice when itīs summer, nice to drink beer outside.
Rain: thatīs like - cold!
Night: itīs my time. My private time. Iīm a night-person, and often spend a lot of time when everyone else is sleeping and I just do something like listening to music or reading a book or something. I like to be awake when itīs total silence...
Waking up: slow...very slow...

When you were a child, what were your dreams, what did you want to become? Has it always been music?

When I was a little child, like I went to school, first grade and like others kids, ähm, yes, I didnīt have any dream I was just learning to be, be some kind of person (laughing) and when I was around eleven years old I started to play guitar but yeah, when I was thirteen I started to listen to these rockbands and read these rockīnīroll books and stuff in the news-magazines. So, thatīs when it really started, when I was thirteen. Itīs now like about eleven years ago.

What do you think about the fact that the appearance and look of musicians is quite important in the business and affecting your popularity?

(long silence) I think it is, well, it is positive if someone likes the bandīs look and you know, if a band is playing on stage and if you just like the look - I think it is not gonna last so long if you donīt like the music because I think the music is the basic thing and everything else is around it. And the music is what connects all the people- the audience and the band.

Since youīre playing in a band with many young fans, do you think that you as a musician have some kind of function as a role-model? Or are you just doing the things your way?

Iīm just living my life you know, Iīm a musician and I play in a RockīnīRoll band but Iīm not a teacher or anything. Itīs teacherīs things and parents are the ones who should tell their children what to do- and I just do whatever I want, I donīt think that I have to be a role-model or something. Maybe more like a warning. Something like that.

So you wouldnīt want to pretend to be to be something else just to be a role-model?

No, I just like to be myself.

What would say is the dark and bad side of your fame?

Sometimes when youīre having a bad day, or a hangover or something . In Finland it is like, well, sometimes itīs a little bit annoying if someone is staring at you for example when youīre having a coffee with a friend at some coffee-place or somewhere, and somebody is just looking at you all the time. When people are drunk at the weekends, I usually donīt go to the bars, I drink during the week and often bring friends to my home and stuff like that because when people get drunk. Finnish people are really shy in general, but when they get drunk they open themselves and then everybody is going to say something. There are loads of "I wanna offer you a beer" and "Youīre in a great band" and itīs to hear all that but thereīs also negative feedback like "that fucking gay" or "I beat you up, you gay" or something like that. But yeah, that might be the bad side - I donīt go to bars of public places anymore when I have a bad day or something. Because I donīt like the attention then . Sometimes you just wanna be alone.

Do you still live together with Christus? (comment: Sir Christus, guitarist of Negative)

No, it was impossible. Sometimes it went to far, it was too crazy. And it was like there was no chance that it would have ended because sometimes thereīs just this: youīve drunk a line and somewhere and you were drinking like hell, you know, all the time because when you have a friend that has the same kind of way of thinking and who also likes to drink, like same things. Itīs easier to say "Letīs go" and get some beer again. When youīre alone , so often you donīt decide to do it, but when thereīs another person you donīt feel so bad or so killed, youīve a friend with who to do such crimes. (talking quiet). So I was in a really bad shape. No, we arenīt living together anymore.

You mentioned that finnish people are shy - how would you describe finnish people in general?

(silence) Finnish people donīt talk so much to strangers. For example if you go to the bars, and if thereīs just a free place next to a stranger, noone is going to sit there. And you know, here in some public place like a swimming hall, on the beach or something - if you go alone and donīt know anyone, noone will talk to you since youīre a stranger to them. Hardly anyone is talking to strangers, so…You know, itīs not like everybody is like, in general there are lots of people who are behaving this way. (long silence) Finnish people like their own country, you know, theyīre like really into all the finnish things like ice-hockey and stuff and like talking about it.
They donīt talk shit you know, for example - people from United States talk, they do have that kind of small talk- no talking over time, finnish people donīt have that "ability".
Itīs strange for others sometimes - when youīre abroad and our band is tired and weīre all just quiet, you know, and there are some guys from a record company from Japan, they donīt understand at all why theyīre so quiet, why everyone is so quiet and they asked us what would be wrong now. Nothingīs wrong but everybody is just being quiet.

Well, about finnish bands entering the European music market - more and more bands are having success in Europe, how come?

I think that Finland is a small place, you know, only 5 millions of people, so our music industry has a - (silence) now itīs like in these points that record companies and bands know what to do and we have to thank H.I.M. - they were the first finnish band entering the charts here in Europe. Since that nearly every record company is looking for bands from Finland.
And itīs because of the industry - now they have their ways to find bands and go abroad.
They even didnīt know how to do that before.
And because itīs not that simple, you have to know certain people and you have to play that game since there are so many bands. And maybe also now thereīs also many good bands in Finland because times are different than before. Now there are more people playing instruments and having bands and, I donīt know.
When someone is doing something thereīs always somebody coming...

What is your inspiration to compose? And how or when are you composing?

Usually when I have some ideas (silence) or when there are some quiet moments, you know, sometimes when youīre waking up and having a hangover or something , when youīre feeling kind of sensitive. And sometimes thereīs just a melody coming to you head and then you take a guitar and start to work on that melody. Sometimes it is just hey, this is great, this sounds great.
And you bring the song to the band rehearsal and we try the song and if the song is good and everyone else likes it - thatīs the way it actually goes.
But itīs not like Iīm sitting around and decide I could now do like a couple of songs , itīs not like that.

Would you maybe want to learn another instrument, for example something classical?

Yeah, Iīm really into different instruments. And now I like to practise things with guitar, slide guitar for example, and thereīs this steel (?) guitar you know, itīs just like keyboard. So ehm, maybe Iīm starting to learn a little about that instrument, and maybe for the fourth record. And also I tried to play guitar with a bow (?), you know [comment: not understandable what was following] and itīs kind of fun to play...

What is your favourite song on the new album and which one favourite song to perform?

At the moment it is "One last Shot", and also to play it live because itīs a really good live-song, yeah...
And that is one point why I like it now- because weīre touring itīs a really nice song to play live. You have this really powerful feeling when you play it. But I almost like every song on the new album so it depends- sometimes I like some other song more and you canīt really compare the songs.

When recording a song in the studio, do you record each part seperately and then layer the tracks or do you play it together until it is perfect?

Usually we do the whole song like itīs ready before the studio, in a kind of way that we all know what to play and what parts but nothing is like totally ready- you have to leave everything open when youīre going to the studio and thereīs the producer, who does add his personal ideas to there and there and there... So you leave your mind open. The songs are kind of done but still there is free space to make changes .
But this time pretty much of the songs were changed a bit, but the basic stayed the way they were.

What is the first thing youīre doing after having left left the stage and the last thing before going on stage?

Well, I always smoke cigarettes when Iīm going to stage Iīm always having my cigaretts. Itīs like I have to have them before going on stage - like during the last few minutes and Iīm waiting there and "okay, the show is right now". Soon you have to go to the stage I like to smoke ; and depends on my mood, after the show I usually go to the backstage area and fall on some chair and be quiet for a while just like to relaxx for some time. And , I don't know I usually just mix with something, have a nice party…

Just another topic- your tattoos. Do they have a special meaning? And do you create the deisgn yourself or how does it work?

I have ideas like, I have some kind of reason that I want some kind of tattoo.
For example, I just describe it to the tattooing guy and then he draws at and I look at it and I say I want it in purple.

So it only looks good or does it have a special meaning?

No, this is just you know, itīs like this has no meaning, the picture itself doesnīt have one but my girlfriend has the same kind of tattoo but itīs in a different colour, so thereīs some kind of meaning . You know, we love having things together...
But there it is not like anything, or I donīt know, maybe I just havenīt figured out yet.

What would you do if one day you woke up and realized you were a girl and had to spend the whole day as a girl?

Guess! (we: getting laid?!- nodding)… (comment: and besides that?) (silence) I don't know. What do women do what men donīt?! (laughing) Well, what is name of that doctor? (comment: gynaecologist)…Yeah, yeah, Iīd wanna go there…Do we have time? (comment: yeah, about two more minutes) …Just do things, I don't know.(laughing) Maybe in the evening Iīd go to a bar just to get to know a few ways that women get looked at and stuff like that. Itīs a difference between men and women how theyīre experienced and how they experience- for women itīs like men looking at you…thatīs it basically (laughing).

HardHarderHeavy: Thanks for the interview Larry!

Larry: Thanks, I hope you will stay and enjoy our show tonight!

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¬ Jukka Kristian Mikkonen
¬ ANORECTIC (eng.)
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