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Interview: Negative
Negative: Keyboarder Nakki und Bassist AnttiAnlässlich eines Festivals in Köln am 23.07.2006, nutzten unsere Carina und Joanne die Chance mit Keyboarder Nakki (li.) und Bassist Antti (re.) der finnischen Band Negative ein wenig über deren neues Album ANORECTIC zu reden. Dass dabei auch noch ein wenig über die anstehende Promo-Tour spekuliert wurde, versteht sich von selbst.

 U.C./J.A., 23.07.2006

Wir fragten...
 What musicial training have you had before or have you always been a Keyboarder?

Nakki: Yeah, I´ve been actually studying classical music since I was a little boy and classical piano and stuff so I´ve been training and I also played/am also playing in many other bands than Negative. So that´s my life since being a little boy.

Are there going to be any keyboard-solos on the album?

Nakki: yeah, there is one keyboard-solo… (laugh)

So your new album is called ANORECTIC - what are the reasons for this title?

Antti: Ok, this is a questions which is asked pretty often. Well, ehm, for me it means like if you listen to the album, if you listen to the songs, for me the word came to my mind; it´s pretty hard to explain but the songs are really kind of huge and have big elements and stuff like that and also Jonne said it the right way I think, Anorectic is also the other side of that. The big elements and Boogie-Boogie and then, also we liked to do something different than the couples of albums we´ve done before. First was called WAR OF LOVE and then SWEET AND DECEITFUL and then, now, our music on the upcoming album is a little bit more rougher. Maybe punkier or heavier. So we also think that it would be cool also to have - because the songs sound pretty weird and also psychodelic- a name, you know, which is as weird and psychodelic. And there is ANORECTIC, as you can see everyone is always asking "why do you call the album ANORECTIC" so it is a good thing that it makes people wondeirng and thinking.

Because many fans on the phorum are just discussing the name...

Antti: I know...

And it´s just not positive things…

Antti: It´s also a good thing...

Especially on the German part, and there are many wondering why you called it that way.

Antti: I know. It´s a sad thing if your Rock´n´Roll band is safe and only about love and "Baby I love you..." we like to be a little more dangerous concerning this. And unexpectable and stuff. It´s a very short, simple, strong, one-word and it makes people thinking, wondering, asking, confused, "what the hell is going on" - and that´s exactly what we wanted to reach.
Nakki: And actually I was figuring out that explanation for myself that it can be that you´re ina relationship and can feel anorectic (in that relationship) and that you´re just faing away - not your body but mentally - and the love is just fading away and if you read the lyrics of the new album´s songs you can see what that word in the different parts "means".

And do you have any favourite songs on the new album?

Antti: Yeah, well my favourite song "At the time" is maybe the one we´re playing, I don´t know if there is enough time to play it tonight but anyways, we´ve played it in a few concerts so far. I like that one and there´s also a song called "One last Shot" which is my 2nd favourite. It´s a little bit heavier, the chorus and the guitar riff reminds me a bit of Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne.
Nakki: And I also like the song "Broken Hearted" that, yeah, it´s a ballad song...
Antti: And I think that we really found the feeling that we were looking for in that song!

In many intevriews you´ve said that the decision to write your lyrics in English stems from the idea that English is the language of Rock´n´Roll. Does that mean a tour in England might appear?

Antti: Well if it depends on us maybe the day after tomorrow when we ended our videoshooting here (laughing), of course it would be so nice I mean, many times we´ve been asked "when are you coming to there and there" and it´s so sad that the thing doesn´t depend on the band, it is much more complicated. But hopefully, as soon as possible of course. It would be so nice. For myself, I haven´t even ever been to England, so...
Nakki: I´ve been to London and if was really great!

So you´ve been touring with H.I.M. and The Rasmus and which bandwould you like to be touring with?

Antti: Well, there´s of course, it would be cool to travel and to tour with your favourite band whatever they are. Maybe a tour with Aerosmith or, hm, I could say ten bands straight away, you know, Metallica and Aerosmith and Kid Rock, oh ok, last mentioned doesn´t exist anymore I think but (silence) and ah, what else... Maybe there are any weird bands - that would be cool. Anyways, there is a band from Finland called Cleaning Women (laughing), they´ve a totally weird music. They´ve done all their instruments by themselves like sishwas-machines, coffee-machines and where you dry you clothes after laundry and they´re playing those. And I think they also have made their own language which they sing in which actually even doesn't mean anything. And one time I saw them live in Tampere and they were really weird.
I actually thought first that they´d be from Russia (laughing) but thea were from Finland.
They´de also be cool. I mean, those different bands are always interesting.

So you go to a concert and the band playing there would dedicate a song to you - which song by which band would that be?

(silence) hmm... (silence) (laughing) (something finnish) Antti: there are so many ones we like so it´s almost impossible to chose one...

Many fans are interested in publishing a book with lyrics and the tabs of your songs - will that happen? If yes, when?

Antti: Ah well, I asked our record company about putting our lyrics on our website but the record company, you know, didn´t like the idea and said "No!".
So I don't know about the lyrics; maybe you have to buy our records just to have the lyrics, but about the tabulatures, the guitar tabs, that would be really cool. I personally tried learning to play guitar a few years ago and used tabs from the internet. I played Metallica and you know, some easy intros, I tried to learn them just from the tabs. From our songs, that would be really cool but I don't know who can make those - you have to keep that on your mind, and try to make it happen someday! I know there are many fans wanting to play the songs of their favourite band just the way I used to when I was fifteen and tried to play Metallica songs on the acoustic guitar.

What are your feelings about the finnish music scene at the moment (since Sentenced broke up)?

Antti: Oh, I don't know. Yeah, they´ve gone…We also liked them. One of my favourites but there are a lot of good bands still going on which have been there for about a few years. I don't know about new ones, I don't follow that scene that intensively, you know!? I like Bloodpit (comment by the redaction: Matthau, brother of Sir Christus, is the singer of this band) for example if you know, and Private Line very much because there are also very good friends of mine playing.

HardHarderHeavy: A pity that the time is over- thank you so much for the kind interview!

Negative: Thank you, I hope you will enjoy our show tonight!

¬ Negative
¬ Jonne Aaron Liimatainen
¬ Jukka Kristian Mikkonen
¬ ANORECTIC (eng.)
¬ 07.11.2006 deu | eng
¬ 23.07.2006 deu | eng
¬ 23.07.2006
¬ 16.06.2007
¬ 18.09.2007

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